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Room featuring upholstery fabric for dining chairs in Groves Brothers’ white and rose gold with a Venetian pattern.

Each piece is

created by hand

at the time an order is placed. And due to the nature of the process, no two pieces are identical.

A dining room featuring a dark grey Groves Brothers’ fabric custom wall covering fabric
A close-up image of pillows showcasing handcraft process of Groves Brothers’ home decor fabric with a contemporary transtional pattern

Groves Brothers 


Groves Brothers Fabrics is the premier manufacturer of traditional Venetian-style upholstery fabrics in the United States. We are pleased to present the complete range of hand-printed textiles to the design trade.

Two brothers, Joe and Matt Groves, together with their father, Joseph Groves Senior, founded Groves Brothers Fabrics in 1989 in Fort Worth, Texas. Their initial collection was a mere seven patterns shown in five colorways. 

Screen Printing copy.jpg

Impressed by the Groves Brothers craftsmanship and quality, as well as seeing the potential to expand the patterns and colors, Dan Addison took the helm of the company more than 15 years ago. Since then, Dan has worked with associates Garry Murray and Jesus Vasquez to grow Groves Brothers Fabrics to where it stands today.

The company now produces 42 patterns in 175 standard colorways of hand-crafted fabrics, bringing the total collection of premier fabrics to over 7,000 items. Plus the artisans can custom mix by hand to produce any color of your liking.

A living room showcasing Groves Brothers' custom-made drapery and home decor fabric in a traditional pattern

Groves Brothers craftsmen work directly with the company’s management and have been with the company for over 15 years. Our skilled artisans have extensive knowledge of textile printing and painting techniques. With unwavering adherence to quality, every artisan possesses a keen sense of color, design, and intricate attention to detail.

Each piece is created by hand — at the time an order is placed. And due to the nature of the process, no two pieces are identical!

These sumptuous premier fabrics are made of the finest cotton, silk, or linen, providing superb color-fastness, dimension, and weight. All of our fabrics are suitable for use as upholstery, drapery, wall covering, and bedding.

Please visit our Fabrics page to view the Groves Brothers Collection by pattern or color.

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